Support devkitPro

All the devkitPro toolchains are free, donations and other forms of support are entirely voluntary. Having said that a lot of our users like our toolchains so much they have asked how they can help ensure devkitPro toolchains stay available. If you'd consider making a regular donation then please give some thought to contributing via our Patreon instead.

Like all software, there are costs associated with producing and distributing the devkitPro toolchains.

A lot of time is spent :-

  • Writing and updating tools and maintaining scripts.
  • Documenting the tools.
  • Answering questions ( Several a day usually ).
  • Maintaining this web site.
  • Reading bug reports and taking appropriate action.
  • Explaining to our life partners why we’re working on devkitPro toolchains instead of taking them out to the movies.

It costs money to :-

  • Host the web site.
  • Buy development tools and books.
  • Build, keep and run test machines.
  • Maintain a nutritious diet of caffeine and stale cookies for those late nights of programming.
  • Take our wives/girlfriends out sometimes so we can get some peace to work.

How much you donate is entirely up to you. You can contribute a little each month via our Patreon or here are some numbers to think about for a one off donation.


$5 A ham and cheese sandwich with pickles for lunch
Contribution Amount

$10 A couple of pints of beer
$15 Dinner for two at the local fast food emporium
$30 Dinner at some place a little more upmarket
$1000 Someone's rent paid for a month or so
$1000000 A developer can retire immediately and spend more time on free software.

So whatever it is worth to you is, well, what it is worth to you. If you want to donate, Buy a beer, contribute a little each month or help us retire. The choice is yours. We appreciate any contributions and Thank you!