libogc 1.8.8 is now available

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libogc 1.8.8 is now available

Post by WinterMute » Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:22 am

libogc 1.8.8 is now available through the windows installer as usual and from the getting started page on the wiki.

libogc 1.8.8
  • More usb compatibility improvements.
  • L2Enhance is only for Wii.
  • allow multiple callbacks to be registered for device insertion events (newer V5 usb system only).
  • change PAD_ScanPads()s behaviour. the return value now contains a bitmask of the controllers which have been read. the button bitmasks report up and down events only once, syncing this behaviour with wpad.
  • fix typo in adpcm max step.
  • USB mouse fixes.
  • add DI_CheckDVDSupport to check if Wii DVD drive is supported
  • documentation updates and fixes
With thanks to shagkur, tantricity, dhewg, ccfreak2k & tueidj for their contributions to this release.
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