devkitARM release 43 and libraries

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devkitARM release 43 and libraries

Post by WinterMute » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:38 pm

New binaries for devkitARM release 43, libnds 1.5.9, libfat 1.0.13 and libctru 0.1.0 are now available through the Automated Installer/Updater if you're on windows, for other platforms check the devkitARM getting started page on the wiki.

devkitARM release 43
  • gcc updated to 4.9.2.
  • added support for 3DS homebrew using libctru.
We've now reverted to building gcc with only arm and thumb multilibs enabled. The thumb2 support wasn't really being used and there are probably better options if you need that support in your arm compiler. Having said that we plan to provide an armv6k multilib for 3DS with hard float support.

libnds 1.5.9
  • make esc J & esc K work with no parameter in console code.
  • clean edges of range not aligned with cache lines in DC_InvalidateRange.
  • Added functions for reading/writing DS firmware.
libfat 1.0.13
  • Fix for null terminator check in _FAT_directory_mbstoucs2.
default arm7 0.5.26
  • Rebuilt with latest libraries.
libctru 0.1.0
  • First release.
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Re: devkitARM release 43 and libraries

Post by Chano » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:21 pm

Thanks A LOT for this new release n_n

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