libctru 1.2.1 & updated 3ds examples.

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libctru 1.2.1 & updated 3ds examples.

Post by WinterMute » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:26 pm

libctru 1.2.1 and updated example code is now available through the windows installer and perl updaters as usual as well as on github at and
  • Added NFC support
  • Update and renamed NFC_AmiiboConfig members
  • Added TickCounter for measuring performance
  • Added (linear/vram/mappable)GetSize for retrieving allocated buffer size
  • Added nim:s client implementation.
  • Correct bus clock used for time calulations
  • Default to file write without internal copy buffer
  • GPUCMD_Add: allow NULL for adding zerofilled parameter data
  • Clarify threadFree usage in documentation
  • Add GPU_TEXFACE enumeration
The examples have also now been updated to fully support parallel builds. You can use the template Makefile to add this support to your own projects.
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