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libnds, libfat and default arm7 releases

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:17 pm
by WinterMute
libnds 1.7.1, libfat 1.1.2 and default arm7 0.7.3 are now available through the Automated Installer/Updater as usual. Use the exe for windows, the perl scripts for other platforms.

libnds 1.7.1
  • separate nand and sd init
  • disable pullup before putting SD card in 4bit mode
  • add console id register
  • move get_io_dsisd from libfat to libnds
Since we neglected to do the release announcement for 1.7.0, here are those changes.

libnds 1.7.0
  • Add AES register defines
  • add bios SHA1 & RSA functions
  • Initialise touch screen properly, now working on N3DS
  • add helper functions for sdmmc & nand access.
  • allow parallel building
  • add function to get CID from NAND & SD
  • add enable/disable slot1
  • fix some ISO C complaints
libfat 1.1.2
  • move get_io_dsisd to libnds
  • consolidate MBR check & allow TWL partitions.
default arm7 0.7.3
  • Rebuilt with latest libnds and libfat