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nxlink binaries

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:24 pm
by WinterMute
We've just finished the first cut of nxlink and uploaded some binaries for your homebrewing pleasure at

Copy hbmenu.nro from this archive to the root of your Switch sd card following the instructions from

Use the appropriate nxlink binary for your OS to upload your nro files to hbmenu by pressing Y to start the netloader - currently we're having trouble with non blocking sockets so the waves will stop moving. Use

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nxlink -a <ip address of switch (or hostname> [file.nro]
to upload and run your nro files.

Unfortunately the blocking sockets mean we can't use a UDP ping to find the Switch just yet but it will be sorted in time.

nxlink should be provide with devkitA64 when we do another release, more news soon.