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devkitA64 release 8

Post by WinterMute » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:32 am

It's time to get rid of the alpha designation and call devkitA64 a release version - I don't really envisage major changes to how things work now. We're carrying on with version 8 rather than causing confusion by resetting the counter.

These releases are available though Automated Installer/Updater as usual. Use the exe for windows, the perl scripts for other platforms.
  • Using latest switch-tools, now includes nxlink.
  • General tools updated with bin2s now working with OSX.
  • Added access to aarch64 newlib.
  • Added clock_gettime/settime hooks - not yet implemented on libnx side.
For those of you new to devkitPro toolchains there's a brief elevator guide at ... nvironment to get started building code. Instructions for running code on your 3.0.0 Switch are at

There's now a good selection of libraries in our pacman repos - see for setup details. Thanks to some great work from Cpasjuste SDL2 is quite usable already - we hope to add some templates for SDL2 apps soon.

Come join us in #switchdev on efnet for lots of switch dev fun.
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