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devkitA64 release 10 and devkitARM release 49

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:32 pm
by WinterMute
Both devkitARM release 49 and devkitA64 release 10 are now available via pacman. Use sudo (dkp-)pacman -Syu to update or sudo (dkp-)pacman -S devkitARM devkitA64 to install.

These are also available in the docker images at
  • Added clock functions and enabled std::chrono support.
  • Added hook for nanosleep, implementing usleep & sleep from there.
  • enabled std::filesystem support.
  • Implement aligned_alloc.
  • Implement scandir.
We're still in the process of working these updates into devkitPPC and libogc but we hope to release devkitPPC r31 soon.

With thanks to exjam for patches and inspiration.