libnx 1.5.0, switch-examples 20181027

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libnx 1.5.0, switch-examples 20181027

Post by fincs » Sat Oct 27, 2018 5:10 pm

Another month, another libnx release. Like always, libnx 1.5.0 and switch-examples 20181027 are now available via pacman. Use sudo (dkp-)pacman -Syu to update or sudo (dkp-)pacman -S libnx switch-mesa switch-examples to install.

libnx 1.5.0

  • Improved service IPC support for domains.
  • Added RandomSeed HBABI key handling, which fixes broken/identical random number generation output when launching homebrew NROs multiple times with nx-hbloader.
  • Added Barrier synchronization primitive.
  • Added threadGetCurHandle.
  • Fixed several C11 thread support standard compliance issues.
  • Fixed virtmem handling on 1.x.
  • Fixed ProcessState enumeration names and descriptions.
  • Fixed bug in eventCreate.
  • Fixed bug in jitCreate.
  • fsp-srv and fsp-ldr services:
    • Now using domains for IPC, which solves problems related to having a large number of filesystem resources open.
    • Added fsdevGetDeviceFileSystem.
  • time services:
    • Added timezone support.
    • The user system clock is now used by default instead of the network clock.
    • The user system clock is now also used as fallback if the specified system clock override (__nx_time_type) is not available.
  • applet services:
    • Added support for running with nx-hbloader as an Application.
    • Added support for enabling video recording when running as an Application, although it needs a specific flag set in the host title's nacp to be accessible.
    • Added appletLockExit/appletUnlockExit, which can be used to ensure that user processes get a chance to finish before the application is closed by the system.
    • Added __nx_applet_exit_mode, used to control the application's behavior on close (including self-exit support).
    • Added AppletHookType_OnExitRequest.
    • Fixed issues related to running as an Application.
    • Minor internal refactor to use Event objects instead of raw handles.
  • hid (input) services:
    • Added SixAxisSensor support.
    • Vibration partially fixed, although it needs disable/enable in system settings for it to be effective.
    • Added hidSetSupportedNpadStyleSet, hidSetSupportedNpadIdType, hidSetNpadJoyHoldType, hidGetControllerType, hidGetControllerColors, hidIsControllerConnected.
  • USB services:
    • Major refactor which adds support for 5.x+ systems.
    • Added usbCommsSetErrorHandling, which now disables USB fatal errors by default.
  • audin/audout services: minor internal refactor to use Event objects instead of raw handles.
  • Added pm:shell command: pmshellGetApplicationPid.
  • Added set:sys command: setsysGetFirmwareVersion.
  • Added psm commands: psmGetBatteryVoltageState, psmBindStateChangeEvent, psmWaitStateChangeEvent, psmUnbindStateChangeEvent.
  • fatal services: on systems prior to 3.x, FatalType_ErrorReportAndErrorScreen is used again due to FatalType_ErrorScreen not existing. Beware of fatal errors on 1.x and 2.x since they now create reports again (instead of silently hanging the system).
  • Refactored console device:
    • The console now has an interface that can be used to override the default software rendering backend with a custom implementation (including GPU rendering).
    • The software renderer now takes care of calling gfxInitDefault, gfxSwapBuffers, gfxExit. gfx functions should not be called explicitly by console users.
    • Added consoleUpdate and consoleExit.
    • Old code is still compatible, although it is strongly advised to update it to use the new functions instead of calling gfx functions directly.
  • Fixed NvFence regression on 1.x.
  • Increased default nvservices transfermem heap size to 8 MB, which allows for more complex GPU homebrew to run.
  • Changed nvBufferCreate to support different settings for cpu/gpu cacheability.
  • Added nifm handling to socketInitialize/Exit, which makes gethostid/gethostname work by default.
  • Added missing declarations to netinet/in.h.
  • Changed nifm to use IPC domains.
  • Optimized select/poll to avoid using malloc when possible.
  • Fixed poll to accept -1 fds.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
switch-examples 20181027
  • Updated console examples to use the new console API.
  • Added graphics/opengl/gpu_console example.
  • Added hid/sixaxis example.
  • Added hid/colors example.
  • Added applet/recording example.
  • Added applet/lockexit example.
  • Improved documentation of application template.
  • Other minor fixes.

In addition, the internal layer that sits between libnx and switch-mesa (switch-libdrm_nouveau) has also been updated for compatibility with libnx 1.5.0. As a bonus, it now has basic support for GPU cache and compressed surfaces, which gives GPU applications a moderate speedup.
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