libnx 1.6.0 & switch-examples 20181128

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libnx 1.6.0 & switch-examples 20181128

Post by fincs » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:27 am

Another month, another libnx release. Like always, libnx 1.6.0 and switch-examples 20181128 are now available via pacman. Use sudo (dkp-)pacman -Syu to update or sudo (dkp-)pacman -S switch-dev to install.

libnx 1.6.0

  • Added support for userland exception handling.
  • Added support for retrieving file timestamps on 3.0.0+.
  • Added fsdevSetArchiveBit, for setting the archive bit on a directory.
  • Added fs commands: fsFsQueryEntry, fsFsSetArchiveBit, fsDeviceOperatorIsGameCardInserted, fsDeviceOperatorGetGameCardHandle, fsDeviceOperatorGetGameCardAttribute.
  • Added hwopus service wrapper.
  • Added audren support for system versions prior to 3.0 by automatically using the latest available revision number for a given version (1.0.0-4.0.0+).
  • Added auddev (IAudioDevice) service wrapper.
  • Added support for SL/SR buttons on right JoyCons.
  • Added HidJoyHoldType enum.
  • Changed hid to use hidSetNpadJoyHoldType during init/exit.
other services
  • Added psc (psc:m) service wrapper.
  • Added spsm service wrapper.
  • Added pcv service wrapper.
  • Added lbl service wrapper.
  • Added i2c service wrapper.
  • Added gpio service wrapper.
  • Added bpc commands: bpcGetSleepButtonState.
  • Added setsys commands: setsysBindFatalDirtyFlagEvent, setsysGetFatalDirtyFlags.
  • Added fatal commands: fatalWithContext.
  • Added PsmBatteryVoltageState enum.
  • Added SetSysFlag_RequiresRunRepairTimeReviser.
  • Added appletSetFocusHandlingMode (previously it existed but it was not exposed).
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
switch-examples 20181128
  • Added applet/lockexit example.
  • Added hwopus example.
  • Added exception handler example.
  • Added sysmodule template.
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