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D language?

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:11 am
by TurkeyMan
Hi, I'm using the D language a lot recently, and I want to start using it on my homebrew titles.
I can't use D in my engine code until it's available on all my platforms.

Would you consider adding D support in future versions of your toolchains?
The GDC frontend is here:
It's very easy to drop in to build scripts in my experience.

People have built working ARM (Android) compilers, and I built a MIPS toolchain once to test, which seemed to work.
Don't worry about the standard D libraries, if you can make the compiler work in your toolchains, I'll work on the standard libs.

I use all of your compilers, but PSP & GC/Wii are the ones that I can't get working from anywhere else.