combined template - ndstool call

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combined template - ndstool call

Post by lessthanthree » Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:06 pm

I finally used an actual cart M3i zero to try my code on. I found that 'combined.nds', per the template, had a corrupted image (I couldn't read the subtitle 1 or 2 so wasn't sure if that was working, I didn't even try reading the GAME_TITLE). I followed by using gnome-nds-thumbnailer on the created nds file, and got an error that a section, 46 I believe, was unreadable and that perhaps the file was not nds file or was corrupt.

Cutting to the point, the makefile included with the 'combined' template includes a different rule for $(TARGET).nds that does not include

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, from the rule included in ds_rules.

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