(LIBOGC) EDTV 480P Pal Bug

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(LIBOGC) EDTV 480P Pal Bug

Post by mrx1983 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:55 pm


i have problems with many gamecube game loaders.
For example wodeflow, action replay loader, uniiloader.
I have a FULL HD 32" TV connected by a HD component cable (green,blue,red) to my PAL Wii.
In the Wii Setting i have choosen EDTV 480P 60hz.
If i now start a 50hz pal game with one of this gamecube game loaders, i get a "no signal" on my TV and hear only the sound.
Sometimes i'm lucky and after a while the screen come's back, and the game says "switched to 60hz".
Also ntsc games run just fine.
It seems it has problems with the "50hz pal".
For some reason it can't display the "50hz pal" when launched from this loaders.
Meanwhile i found out, that if i'm changing the Wii Settings from "EDTV 480P 60hz" to "SDTV 480i 60hz" or "SDTV 576i 50hz" it fixed the problem.
Just with "EDTV 480P 60hz" i get a "no signal".
Someone called giantpune meant, that this is a known bug caused by a bug in LIBOGC.
giantpune wrote: this bug is caused by a bug in libogc. at one time or another in some game loader way back when, the progressive PAL video modes in libogc had something wrong with them. as a workaround, any time a game was loaded with a progressive video mode, it used 480pNTSC.

time has passed and that same code has been recycled through many different game loaders. wodeflow still uses this some workaround. basically the code reads something like ...
if( there is a red-green-blue cable AND the wii is set to use a progressive video mode in its settings ) force 480p.
It would be really great if this could be fixed, then this applications could be recompiled.
Action Replay Loader developer already said he would do that, if you would fix the bug in LIBOGC.
Please fix the bug so that pal users can enjoy this gamecube game loaders.

Thanks in advance :)

Greetings MrX

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Re: (LIBOGC) EDTV 480P Pal Bug

Post by Eke » Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:47 pm

As I understand the quote you posted, the bug is within the application code, not libogc.
In short, they wrote bugged code to fix an earlier bug in libogc (and if I remember well, it was EURGB60 that was bugged, i.e 480i on PAL Wii, not 480p ).

The bug was fixed in libogc long time ago but the dirty "fix" remained in these application code, there is actually no bug with libogc progressive mode support on PAL Wii, people use it everyday with emulators.

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