libogc: Card Init / Reinit Problem

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libogc: Card Init / Reinit Problem

Post by [nuke] » Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:44 am

In the Card_Init function it sets the flag card_inited = 1; once the card is initiated, however the flag is never reset.

This cause problems with applications that list a directory and then need to save, erase. This is because when listing a directory you would init with a NULL gamecode and country, so after this any operation which needs a gamecode and country will fail.

Putting card_inited = 0; once Card_Unmount is called would work fine.

This should fix any bugs in current memory card applications like MCbackup also.

I noticed in older versions of libogc you had a reinit function but was removed in later releases.


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Re: libogc: Card Init / Reinit Problem

Post by WinterMute » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:32 pm

The unmount solution seems good to me, I've changed that in CVS now. Thanks.
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Re: libogc: Card Init / Reinit Problem

Post by Eke » Wed May 07, 2008 11:01 am

Here some reflexion about the low-level SDCARD support:

A problem occurs when:
1/ you first try to acces an unrecognized device (memcard or empty sd adapter) in one of the MC slot
--> you are not able to access ANY slots anymore, even if proper sdcard is present in another slot

2/ you swap between sdcards (remove then reinsert) or more generally, insert a sdcard after the slot has already been acceeded, successfully or not (see above)
--> the card IO is not reinitialized properly and some errors may occur

Now, here's what I found by analysing code in libogc:
1/ there is a static variable in the cart library, _ioRetryCnt, that is used to hold the number of retries when you try to mount a sdcard in a MC slot through sd-adapter.

2/ there is also a variable __ioFlag for each slot that hold teh current status of the card in a slot: each time you try to access SD (read sectors,etc), if the flag is set as NOT INITIALIZED, the function card_initIO is called and then, IF the retry counter is not at the maximal value, the function will try to initialize the card.

3/ Now, if there is a device inserted in the MC slot AND if this device is a memcard or an empty sd-adapter (in both cases, that means that no sdcard is found), the retry counter will be incremented in loop in the function card_initIO. When the counter is 5, the function exit with an error code.

3/ the only way to reset this counter is to call the function card_initIODefault (this is called by SDCARD_Init)

4/ this counter is shared by BOTH slots, which mean that once it reached the max value (see above), you won't be able to initialize any of the 2 slots again, even if a sdcard is properly inserted then.

Now :

. calling SDCARD_Init each time you want to access a slot does not help because there is also an internal flag (sdcard_inited) that prevent from initializating everything twice.

. a better solution could be to call the functions card_initIODefault() each time you are going to access the SDCARD (this could be interesting to swap between sdcards without any problems). But the problem there is that this function also initialize a LWP queue that should be first closed (otherwise, it wil allocate a new queue in memory each time you access sdcard)

Here is an easy & quick solution to solve the problem, tested and approved ;)
I verified it didn't impact anything else

In card_initIO:
_ioRetryCnt = 0;

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