"cp" command in MSYS appears to have broken

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"cp" command in MSYS appears to have broken

Post by Dwedit » Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:16 am

The "cp" command in MSYS appears to have broken.
Not sure if reverting back to MSYS 1.0.15 is the best idea or not, but this means that the newer version has bugs in it.

Here's what I'm doing here:
I have created a FAT32 disk image, and mounted it using FileDisk, making a V:\ drive.
I am copying files to it with the "cp" command
The "cp" command used happens to be the one from msys, because it has a high priority in my path environment variable.
In previous versions, it works correctly. It also works fine using Cygwin's version of "cp".
But in version 1.0.17, it says that "V:/" is not a directory, and doesn't copy anything.

The exact command is this:

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cp "C:/Program Files/DLDIrc/fcsrimage/fcsr/"* "V:/"
It works in MSYS 1.0.15, but fails in the newest version.

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