Charmed Labs Xport with devkitARM?

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Charmed Labs Xport with devkitARM?

Post by biolizard89 » Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:43 pm

I'm using a Charmed Labs Xport ( with a GBA. The Xport devkit uses devkitAdvance, but I'd like to upgrade to devkitARM, as I'd prefer not to use outdated technology. The problem is, Charmed Labs made a few changes to devkitAdvance, which I'm unclear on how to replicate on devkitARM. The crt0 is modified, as are apparently a few other minor things. The code that patches an official devkitAdvance to work with the Xport is available at ... /src/crt0/ . I'm wondering how I would patch an official devkitARM to have these same modifications. I'm reasonably good with computers, but I haven't worked with devkitAdvance or devkitARM much (the Xport devkit took care of all those details for me), so some degree of n00b-friendliness would be helpful.


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Re: Charmed Labs Xport with devkitARM?

Post by WinterMute » Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:17 am

The changes they made for devkitAdvance are pretty specific to that toolchain and unfortunately it's not possible to just take their changes and apply them to devkitARM. Some parts of their patching just aren't applicable to our toolchain and others need to be completely rewritten.

A couple of years ago I asked for a freebie from them with a view to getting devkitARM Xport ready OOB but they declined. Right now I don't really have the time or the motivation to look into how devkitARM can be made Xport friendly but I will say it's not a task that I'd recommend undertaking without considerable experience with toolchain building.

I'd have to recommend sticking with their modified devkitAdvance for now.
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