Converting .bmp in image.bin and pallete.bin

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Converting .bmp in image.bin and pallete.bin

Post by Mariomaster » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:44 pm

(At first: Sorry if this in the wrong topic. I'm new here :) )

I want to display an image like this:

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#include <nds.h>

#include "drunkenlogo_bin.h"
#include "palette_bin.h"

videoSetMode(MODE_5_2D );


int bg3 = bgInit(3, BgType_Bmp8, BgSize_B8_256x256, 0,0);
dmaCopy(drunkenlogo_bin, bgGetGfxPtr(bg3), 256*256);
dmaCopy(palette_bin, BG_PALETTE, 256*2);
Every thing works fine, but now I want to replace the 2 files for pallete and image with my own ones. Anyone know how to do this?

(Plz don't say "Use the .grit stuff". I want to know how to convert .bmp to .bin)

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