devkitARM on arm

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devkitARM on arm

Post by Wuerfel_21 » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:11 pm

My computer just broke, so im stuck with my tablet and my gba(and some OpenBSD server and some 90s pc). So then, i saw them both, and thought "Im so bored, why dont i program a bit for that?".
So then i installed a linux-emulator-whatever app, downloaded the buildscripts, and installed the dependencys.
Starting the buildscript, selecting devkitARM, enter a path, its downloading just fine, but then it bombs me with dozens of "binutils-somefile: cannot utime: Operation not permitted."(although i checked the fakeroot checkbox).
I tried literally every path, on the emulated fs, on the native fs, on thr sdcard, but it wont work.

Any help is appreciated.

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