ANSI C remove vs posix remove bug

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ANSI C remove vs posix remove bug

Post by LiquidFenrir » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:22 pm

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this or if it is even really a bug, but I'm having an issue with C++17's std::filesystem::remove (

In the gcc implementation (and devkitARM as well), it calls stdio.h's remove, which resolves to ... o/remove.c which then calls _unlink_r, aka ... e/unlink.c and ends up in libctru, right here: ... dev.c#L886.
This leaves std::filesystem::remove all but crippled, as it can only remove files, and not folders/directories at all.
I believe the way to go fixing this is make newlib/libgloss have a remove replacement that follows POSIX remove (instead of ANSI C remove that only knows about files): ... emove.html, specifically this part:
If path does not name a directory, remove(path) shall be equivalent to unlink(path).
If path names a directory, remove(path) shall be equivalent to rmdir(path)
Sorry for the wall of text, I noticed the problem a long time ago and only now discovered the why of it, after some digging on github, so I wrote everything as it came to me.
Thanks for the libraries and toolchains, I'd love to see this fixed and being able to use std::filesystem to its fullest, have a nice day!

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