OpenGX: OpenGL for Wii and Gamecube

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OpenGX: OpenGL for Wii and Gamecube

Post by davidgf » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:32 am

Hello guys!

Here is my little contribution to the Wii/GC scene (and who knows, maybe Nintendo U???).
This is an OpenGL-like wrapper which uses GX for the "real work". It's very basic but allowed me to compile and link my OGL-based game Toy Wars straight wihout any changes to the code. The only problem right now is render context creation, which is unimplemented. In oder to build my game I patched libSDL to allow SDL_OPENGL surface creation and the use of SDL_GL_SwapBuffers.

Hope you like it. You can contribute if you feel up to it.


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