devKitARM Objective-C [Nintendo DS Objective-C Library]

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devKitARM Objective-C [Nintendo DS Objective-C Library]

Post by mecwerks » Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:47 am

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to the Nintendo jailbreak/modding/homebrew scene but I just wanted to say hi and let you know about a project I started today.

First off, I love the devkitPro toolchain. Especially compared to the open source PS3 toolchain, devkitPro is a breeze to install and use. (I'm on Mac OSX 10.8).

Now onto the project. Today I was able to get devkitARM installed and because of my recent addiction to Objective-C, I figured i'd give it a shot and see how it went.
Luckily it wasn't difficult to compile a test app and run it on an emulator so I was happy to find that it was possible to compile objective-c. But………..

Then i realized how much all of the functions and types I loved in Xcode where only for MacOS so i looked into ports like cocotron and GNUstep but neither worked
"out of the box" so i decided to just start my own (especially since the DS has some different hardware than a normal PC would and not all of the other frameworks would be needed).

So far I have implemented the following classes/objects:
  1. DSObject : Base object
  2. DSString : String handling object
  3. DSGeometry: DSRect, DSPoint, DSSize, DSRange and some comparator functions
  4. DSDevice: function calls for device specific stuff like volume, key presses, etc.
I'm also working on DSView, DSScreen, DSSprite, etc. classes for handling sprites, 2D and 3D engines, audio, and others.

Also adding this library to a project/starting a project with it is very similar to Xcode apps. An application delegate is created then DSApplicationMain( argc, argv, MyDelegate.class) is called to start the application.
Currently MyDelegate has to responders: applicationFinishedLaunching for one shot initialization of anything your app might need, and applicationThink which is called right before swiWaitForVBlank() so timing should be okay.
There are also callbacks for button presses and touch events.

I plan to release my code and library once it's progressed to a more usable state. Let me know if there are any specific "must haves" that you would like to see implemented or if you'd like to help me.

Thanks for your time,

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