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(Unoffical) Devkitpro-pacman template for voidlinux

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:30 am
by oreo639
As a user of dkp toolchains and voidlinux, I decided to make a template for xbps that installs a similar setup to what the deb package installs.
I'm just sharing this for anyone else who happens to voidlinux and wants to install dkp-pacman.
The template is here:
You can download a prebuilt package here: ... f84ea?dl=0
You can install the premade package using xdowngrade (from xtools).

If you have any thoughts or suggestions to improve the template, please let me know.

Re: (Unoffical) Devkitpro-pacman template for voidlinux

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:10 pm
by oreo639
Hello, I would like to post an update on the status of the unoffical devkitpro-pacman template for Void Linux.

devkitpro-pacman is being deprecated in favor of the offical pacman package provided in the Void repos.
If you are an existing devkitpro-pacman user on Void, it is strongly recommended to migrate to the offical pacman package in the Void repos.
Make sure you update any aliases and such to accommodate the change.

Here are some steps to get you migrated properly.
  • Note:
    The "$" at the beginning of each line means that the command is being run by a normal user, this is not apart of the command.

Code: Select all

$ sudo xbps-remove devkitpro-pacman
$ sudo xbps-install -S pacman
$ sudo cp -r /opt/devkitpro/pacman/var/lib/pacman /var/lib
$ sudo pacman-db-upgrade
From there simply follow the instructions listed here:

Once you are done, you can continue using pacman as normal.

If you have any issues during the migration, feel free to ask here.