mmutil crashes with nitrotracker mods

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mmutil crashes with nitrotracker mods

Post by Doppelganger-X4 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:03 am


I'm relatively new to NDS homebrew and have been having fun playing around with libnds and maxmod. There's this one curious problem I've been having, though. I've tried converting NitroTracker .xm modules (composed on NDS, for NDS! :D) to maxmod soundbank data via mmutil, as in

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mmutil -d -b -v atomtwist-dstort.xm
This prints the following output:

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Loading XM, "unnamed"
Freq Mode..Linear
Reading sequence...
Loading patterns...
 Pattern  1 - 64 rows, 1.09 KB
 Pattern  2 - 16384 rows, 23.04 KB
and then hangs forever. Every sample track on the NitroTracker download page, as well as every track I've composed in NitroTracker myself, loads two patterns--one 1.09 KB and one 23.04 KB--regardless of what the actual pattern data is, and then hangs. I don't experience this problem with other .xm format tracks composed in Schism Tracker, FastTracker, or Impulse Tracker, which convert just fine. I have no clue what the problem is. Can someone help me?

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