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Maxmod won't play correctly (mm_stream)

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 12:51 am
by PoKu
Hi everyone, I'm new on DS programming so I've started with this three days ago so
I'll comment my issue about Maxmod9 and when I tried to play use mm_stream from maxmod9.h won't work correctly, even my DS crashes with Guru Meditation Error.

What I'm trying to do, it's an audio streaming over Wi-Fi, and why? Well my audio-card of laptop is burn so 3 days ago I thought about to stream the whole unplayable audio by my burn audio-card to my DSi what I've not used it a long time so I saw devkitpro API due HBMenu made by Devkitpro on GitHub.

Before to use Maxmod9, I used nds/arm9/sound.h where I could play it but I had to send the whole .wav file (testing this is at dev/kitpro/examples/nds/audio/maxmod/basic_sound/maxmod_data/Ambulance.wav) so I changed to Maxmod9 to try to use mm_stream and well that has given me some issues :/ First issue is when play the audio but got stopped using examples of maxmod9 at devkitpro/examples/nds/audio/maxmod/streaming with:

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SetYtrigger( 0 );
irqEnable( IRQ_VCOUNT );
while(1) {
     swiIntrWait( 0, IRQ_VCOUNT);
I mean with stopped, literally DSi stopped like not respond anything so I have to shutdown it

Second issue is when I don't use code from above and Guru Meditation Error shows up, (I've read because it's not synchronous with ARM7 or something like that)

What is what I'm doing wrong?

This is my code DSi using only Libnds or what pacman installed by nds (also I could say code may sucks but I'll try to improve it because I'm trying this works ;P

In DSi folder is where DSi runs that code and PC folder is where I send that .wav file
also I must say Audio.(c/h) is where I use Maxmod9 to play music, Server.(c/h) is where receive that data sent by my PC and Initializer.(c/h) is where I initialized the program loop ;p