Gecko OS oddities with the latest devkitppc/libfat/libogc

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Gecko OS oddities with the latest devkitppc/libfat/libogc

Post by MP2E » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:21 am

Greetings, newbie to Wii development here. I own a new Wii with the new Wii remotes so I've been used to recompiling my own homebrew for some time now, but I've run in to a very strange issue with my patches to Gecko OS. It just hangs after "SD Codes Found. Applying" and seems to corrupt some of the graphics on-screen. After that, the Wii requires a hard reset and all the controllers are instantly disconnected. I've checked everything I've modified several times and because it doesn't give me a stack dump or anything debugging it has proven very tricky.

(Commit with relevant changes is the 2nd one)

Any pointers in the right direction, even if only some tips to help debug the problem is appreciated

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