JIT compiler for E-UAE WII

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JIT compiler for E-UAE WII

Post by Oibaf » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:58 pm

I am trying to include a JIT compiler in UAE Wii using the code taken from this project:


I am in touch with the author of the code but until now I did not succeed in getting a working code.

A Program (Illegal instruction and Privileged instruction) or a DSI exception is raised as soon as the compiling starts.
The compiler loads the code to be executed in a cache which memalign allocates in MEM2 (I checked that there is no memory left in MEM1).

My question is: can the code to be executed in MEM2?
My doubt comes from the fact that dol loaders I looked at load the executable code in MEM1.

Before executing the code I call a DCFlushRange on the memory segment where the cache is allocated. The coder of the JIT compiler suggested me to also add "ICInvalidateRange" to be sure that the cache is invalidated.

Is this additional instruction necessary? And Why?

As far as I understand DCFlushRange already invalidates the cache.

If I use this additional instruction the Wii hangs with a strange noise (in the other case raises an exception).

Thanks in advance for the help.

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