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Old devkitPPC

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:21 pm
by RedStoneMatt
Hello everyone,

I have an old ASM project for New Super Mario Bros Wii which i want to compile, the problem is that i found in the command lines i need to type to compile it that i need something located in "/opt/wiidev/bin/powerpc-elf", but i don't have that, the code is from 2011! if someone have the files that i need, please tell me, and if you can't provide it here, then i have discord (RedStoneMatt#2826) and other things like that where you can contact me

It's very important, thanks a lot if someone answer me!

(PS: sorry for poor englis hi'm french)

Re: Old DevkitPPC

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:28 pm
by WinterMute
That seems unlikely to be devkitPPC, we've used powerpc-eabi prefix for a very long time. It's possible it's been a self built powerpc-elf toolchain but I don't really have any idea,

It *might* potentially work if you try changing prefixes to powerpc-eabi but it depends a lot on which options were used and what the dependencies are.