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Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 5:53 pm
by Yoshi

I built devkitPPC from source ( to compile libogc with it. By compiling libogc, I got the error

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gcdsptool: Command not found
If I understood it correctly, gcdsptool should be built in devkitPPC/bin , but there is no such file. What must I do to get this file?

By the way, by compiling devkitPPC, I ran in some difficulties that I could solve:
  1. I could not download and I used the git repositories git:// (commit: db6878ac5538661c8d66c916a533bd4268217fcb) and git:// (tag: releases/gcc-10.2.0) instead.
  2. I got the error cp: target '/opt/devkitpro/devkitPPC' is not a directory, it seems that in devkitppc-rules-1.0.0/Makefile the DESTDIR variable is not set, I set it to an absolute path.

Re: gcdsptool

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 10:39 am
by WinterMute
We don't really support building the tools from source. We recommend and support using devkitPro pacman to manage and install the 198 packages we maintain. We no longer support prefixes outside /opt/devkitpro since building many of the library packages end up with hard coded paths and will end up failing if installed elsewhere.

Right now the buildscripts are in flux and don't currently build the individual tools which should be installed to /opt/devkitpro/tools/bin.

Is there any reason why you can't use pacman?