Trouble with Analog Input on DSerial Edge

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Trouble with Analog Input on DSerial Edge

Post by josefn » Sun May 24, 2009 2:16 am


I am having difficulty with analog input on the DSerial Edge.

The project I am currently working on requires two analog input values; however, I seem to be unable to set up the DSerial properly to be able to read two analog input values.

I would like to use P2.3 and P2.5

If I initialize just one of those pins in my application, then that one pin will work.

However, if I try to initialize both pins as analog input, only P2.3 works (regardless of if I initialize P2.3 before P2.5 or vice versa).

: (

I am assuming it's possible to have two analog inputs on the DSerial Edge.

***ADDITION: After looking over the data sheet for the MCU on the DSerial Edge again, I get the impression that there can be only one analog input, because there is only one ADC. Can someone corroborate this assumption?

Thanks for your time.

***ADDITION 2: Problem solved. I just alternated setting one of the pins to ANALOG_INPUT and the other pin to INPUT, so that they could take turns using the ADC. I also had to use swiDelay() to give the switching enough time to process.

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