DSerial Edge and servo support

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DSerial Edge and servo support

Post by FRedShift » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:45 pm

What about servo functions in DSerial Edge dserial.h/c ?
The defines still exist (ENABLE_SERVO) but the functions like dseServoSet() that we can find in RoboDS dserial.c disappeared ? They seem to be handled in firmware.c (didn't look in detail)
I tried anyway adding those functions in last deserial.c and do the right setmode, my code compils and run well but no servo like signal on any pin ?
(dsePinWrite( 1, 0, 0/1 ) works well)
I even tried with the firmware from RoboDS without success.
(last DevKitArm 26 and libnds)

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