tutorial Devkitpro 3.0.3

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tutorial Devkitpro 3.0.3

Post by Plutoz » Mon Mar 30, 2020 10:40 am

E possibile trovare un aiuto su Devkitpro 3.0.3.
Io l'ho installato e mi trovo con msys2. Lo eseguo ed è una shell di Unix/Linux.
Ora, per creare il mio primo programma, senza guardare gli esempi, come devo fare?

Good morning,
Help can be found on Devkitpro 3.0.3.
I installed it and I am with msys2. I run it and it's a Unix / Linux shell.
Now, to create my first program, without looking at the examples, what should I do?

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Re: tutorial Devkitpro 3.0.3

Post by fincs » Mon Mar 30, 2020 12:00 pm

Friendly reminder:
Please note: This is the installer provided by devkitPro which installs and updates the tools and libraries we provide and support. devkitPro is an organisation and has no versions. The version number here refers to the installer and has no relevance to any of the toolchains or other components we supply.

Since you failed to specify which console you want to develop for, I have no idea which devkitPro products you have installed, or are applicable. On the other hand, we ship a whole bunch of examples with our libraries and tools; they can be found at c:\devkitPro\examples\<consolename>. Within each <consolename> directory, there's a templates folder containing several different subfolders which are template projects. We recommend you to copy any example or template you're interested in to some other directory (such as your Windows profile folder), navigate to it with the shell and type make. Please do not attempt to directly build anything inside c:\devkitPro\examples as it's managed by the package manager and it can be removed or deleted or modified at any time. Copy the folder first somewhere outside c:\devkitPro. If you follow these steps correctly, you'll be on the path to fun homebrew coding!
Donate to devkitPro - help us stay alive!

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