Beginner - Display Image

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Beginner - Display Image

Post by rmail2006 » Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:48 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been messing around with XNA for a few months and now decided to program for the ds with libnds.

I've been following along with the tutorials on devscene but the tut to display an 8bit image isn't working, its just displaying a blank screen.
I've tried a few different images all different colours incase it was transparent etc. and it just isn't showing.

I was just wondering if someone can show me or point me to a quick tutorial on how to display an image on the screen and if it's not too much show me how to move it with keys :D

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Re: Beginner - Display Image

Post by zeromus » Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:43 pm

After a year of practice you might be able to make the DS do things you can do in 5 seconds with XNA. After another year you might even make it run as fast as it would on XNA. Do you have a couple of years booked?

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Re: Beginner - Display Image

Post by coreyh2 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:46 am

You want to look at the current tutorials that come with libnds. Many tutorials and code you find online are old and will not work without changes.

This library is also very useful.

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