AP Connection problems on DSi

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AP Connection problems on DSi

Post by Almamu » Sat May 04, 2013 3:12 am

Some hours ago I started writing the networking part of a project which will connect two DS using a normal ap (Comtrend vr-3025un).

I configured the AP to assign always the same IP to both DS (3DS= and DSi= and ran my game with some basic net code on both consoles but the game never gets trough the "Connecting to WFC" message in the DSi (3DS works fine). After some google searches I found a test app written by the dswifi lib creator. Surprisingly it ran fine and connected without any problem on both consoles.

Im a bit lost right now and can't figure out what's the problem with the game. I'm using NFlib for graphics, so I'm using it's default makefile with WiFi support.

Here is some code of my project:

Code: Select all

struct in_addr net_ip, net_gateway, net_masl, net_dns1, net_dns2;

void Sys_NetInit()
    Com_Printf("Connecting to WFC\n");
        Com_Error("Sys_NetInit: cannot connect to any ap\n");

    net_ip = Wifi_GetIPInfo(&net_gateway, &net_mask, &net_dns1, &net_dns2);

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    // install exception handler

    // load all the data from NitroFS

    // init render
    R_Init(32, 8, 4);

    // init console output

    // init fastfiles and assets system

    // init network system

    // init server system
    Server_Init(2, SERVER_LAN); // it doesn't call any networking function


Any idea why doesn't it work just in my game?

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