Starting over.

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Starting over.

Post by sckuz » Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:02 am


I'm an 31 year old video game programmer who's compete library was lost. My best friend (AT THE TIME!) kept only the executables not the code itself. An executable is attached to this post. If it could be decompiled then recompiled, if that's even possible, that would be a God-send!

Basically i'm willing top start over with a really old game named "Force Disruptor". It's currently title is "Disrupted Force". Ha-ha, "Force Disruptor" was the first thing that rolled off my tongue when asked to name it. I liked it and stuck with it. Attached is the executable my game "Force Disruptor". Not the code to the games, just the game itself!

GrrRRrrrRrRRRrrRR(grinds teeth out of frustration).

I've recently re-ignited my desire for a decompiler. Basically, I'm unsure where to post. It would be awesome if i could decompile the original, but if i'm forced to program pseudo-sequel then that would also be cool. Can you help me out by suggesting a place to post a link to a decompiler and/or links to a simple DS 2d library and/or decompilation advise?
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