Booting DS cards

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Booting DS cards

Post by Derrik » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:46 pm

I have found some code to boot DS cards already, such as NitroHax and hbfirmware however hbfirmware wont compile since it's a bit dated (well I got the flasher to compile and work, but not the actual firmware - I had to just flash hello world to my DS), and NitroHax is a bit more advanced than I need (it has cheat code implementation which is difficult to remove and is written in C++).

Could someone help update just the card loading code from hbfirmware or help rewrite it please?

Ideally I'd like the end result to be as simple as possible, just two source files (boot7.c and boot9.c) and two header files (boot7.h and boot9.h) so that I can just call bootSlot1_arm7(); and bootSlot1_arm9();.


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