The hunt of an old libnds version

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The hunt of an old libnds version

Post by EinDounat » Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:52 pm

Dear devkitPro community!

I'm very pleased to see libnds, and of course all other useful tool chains, shining like never before, after I took a long absence back in.. around.. 2007! So.., I don't know anything about back or forth nowadays. I'm desired to learn all the new things, but here I got a little bit of another problem:

I've found some days ago a very old source code of mine, which contains like really deprecated functions and declarations, it uses 'IPC->heartbeat' (and all the other IPC struct stuff). I downloaded devkitPro by the automated downloader for Windows (noo, I don't use Linux anymore) and tried to replace the packages by older versions. I looked for old versions of libnds all over the internet, but the oldest downloadable package I could find was on filetrip, libnds 1.0, I guess released something around 2008. BTW, the ipc.h says "ipc.h,v 1.16 2007/06/16 01:08:54" and doesn't contain a declaration of heartbeat. devkitARM was replaced by release.. 20? At least, it says 'arm-eabi' and not 'arm-none-eabi', like the new releases.

So my question would be: Does anyone know how to fix this problem, does anyone got a copy of an very old version of libnds?
It's a pity that these old versions are unmaintained now, or..? I mean, as a kid, I collected every version of mine code, even when I changed only a string, eh? Hehe..

Thank you very much for any help in advance,
hope you don't mind my bad foreign English (Austria),

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