Erm... Maybe I'm late, but i need some howto for CDT

support for the PSP toolchain
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Erm... Maybe I'm late, but i need some howto for CDT

Post by MaciekP42 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:21 pm

I developed some "games" in devkitPPC using Eclipse CDT. I also developed some games using MinPSPW. But MinPSPW conflicts with devkitPSP in environment variables usage, so i decided to install some newer (?) and better tool. I have setup PPC with CDT but i have no idea how to setup devkitPSP with CDT Eclipse. I use CDT because it's not comfy to use Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 tools (which i use for DirectX development) along with devkitPro toolchains because of all the intellisense "error marks" (never mind). How do i setup devkitPSP with Eclipse CDT? I mean, which files should i include, because in devkitPPC they were all in random places. And for future... guys, please keep all the includes in one folder :D (just a tip).
Regards, Maciek
PS: Maybe that's weird... it's 2015 and now there's vita out, 8th generation etc and someone plays with PSP... but let's say that i just like playing with older technologies (i don't mind using official XDK... maybe if I'll master DirectX...) :D

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