Help Installing libpng and zlib

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Help Installing libpng and zlib

Post by crimsonwolf8439 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:58 am

Please keep in mind I literally know next to nothing about programming or running a toolchain! My best achievement is making a helloworld file :D

I've downloaded the latest files from sourceforge for both zlib and libpng from the pspfolder.
I placed both .bz2 files into [devkitPro\portlibs\psp].
What do I do from here? I've read the portlibs page from the wiki but I don't understand what to do from there.
Based off my meager knowledge, both files (when I peeked into them with 7zip) don't even have configure files, so I don't get how to even ./configure them.
Could someone please walk me through this?
Also, I downloaded the zlib files from the original website and placed them in [msys\home\"username"\zlib-1.2.11] but when I tried to run the configure line on it or even just ./configure it keeps coming up with
Checking for gcc...
Compiler error reporting is too harsh for ./configure (perhaps remove -Werror).

which I read somewhere meant that it couldn't find the compiler or something, since there was no (Werror).

Wintermute, I choose you!~ Pls answer my question :D

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Re: Help Installing libpng and zlib

Post by WinterMute » Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:28 pm

devkitPSP is no longer supported, sorry.

Please use
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