Changelog ?

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Changelog ?

Post by Eke » Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:26 am

First, thanks for this new release

Is there a way to know what's new (beside Wii support) in this release ? By browing into CVS, I was able to see that there were some modifications into GX, libmad,... but it would be nice to have an "official" changelog between current libogc and the last "official" release, including function call changes or anything else useful for devs ?


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Re: Changelog ?

Post by WinterMute » Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:47 am

We'll have a look at doing a proper changelog at some point. A lot of the work we did on this release was merging Shagkur's sources with mine and unfortunately it's a bit difficult to determine what happened where.

The main differences from the user perspective are the updates to the toolsets ( binutils 2.18.50, gcc 4.2.3 & newlib 1.15.0 ), adding gdb 6.7.1, the move away from containing libogc within the toolchain and the separation of Wii and Cube versions of the libraries. We've now ported the pseudo device layer used in devkitARM which will eventually result in SD and DVD access being provided through stdio rather than custom functions for each device. This also had the nice side effect of making iostreams work as intended.
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