Audio DMA hanging when calling GX_CopyDisp( ... )

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Audio DMA hanging when calling GX_CopyDisp( ... )

Post by poulpmaster » Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:22 pm


I'm pretty sure that the 'truth' is somewhere else in my code but ^^
I need an advice on this issue anyway.

Basically i'm using AUDIO functions for my replay.

Configured as 32Khz and sndBuf updated by the callback registered through AUDIO_RegisterDMACallback(...)

My sounBuffer size is 32*5 ,aligned and double buffered aswell.

Finally, for some reasons, sound output is crappy when GX_CopyDisp(...) is called during swap sequence. (when not used it's perfect and clear but no display...)

I'm not using threads, everything is sequential and it seems that AUDIO callback interruption has a low priority or something.

HELP! ^^

Ps: Anyone on a simple Audio (like the tutos) piece of code?? or i'll do it myself.

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