SDL2 720p Resolution Distortion

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SDL2 720p Resolution Distortion

Post by Zooper » Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:05 am

I'm developing using SDL2, and can't seem to get 720p resolutions to display correctly. Any SDL Window created at 720p is both offset, and warped. 1080p windows seem to fill the screen just fine, even in the 720p handheld mode.
At this point it seems that the best development procedure is to target 1080p and let it downscale for handheld mode. This is fine but I want to make sure this is a known behavior.
I can recreate this behavior on console and on yuzu accurately. The sdl2-simple graphics example code exhibits this behavior when the window is changed to 1280 by 720. I have ran both pacman -Syu and devkitPro updater, with switch-sdl2 2.0.8-20 and libnx 2.3.0-1 installed.
I'd honestly hope this is a problem limited to myself, perhaps I'm missing something, but it's hard to say without anyone else recreating this bug.

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