2023 Birthday Donation Drive

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2023 Birthday Donation Drive

Post by WinterMute » Sun Jun 04, 2023 1:49 pm

As some of you may know already it's my birthday in june and I usually take the opportunity to solicit devkitPro donations.

If you like the toolchains and you'd consider buying me a beer if you lived nearby then please consider a donation. The Support devkitPro page has a nice list of (tongue in cheek) reasons to donate. We also have a Patreon Page too for anyone who would consider more regular support.

Some people no longer use the toolchains but have donated to express their gratitude for the career opportunities afforded to them thanks to the free availability of these tools and their ease of use. I'm always immensely grateful for these donations since they remind me that what I do does have a positive impact on the world despite the negativity aimed at me from some quarters.

Whatever you decide, thanks for using the toolchains and making all the cool homebrew I love to see :)

Generally I'm not that great at blowing my own trumpet, or even sometimes believing I have a trumpet to blow so it's always good to hear from people who appreciate the work that's gone into making these toolchains what they are. Messages of appreciation and support are just as welcome as monetary contributions.

We now provide 225 libraries and 37 tool binaries with more added all the time. Using pacman as a package manager across linux, windows & macOS has enabled fantastic infrastructure that allows homebrew developers to get on with writing software for all the Nintendo game consoles we support.
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