extdata_dump failing to compile

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extdata_dump failing to compile

Post by minecalftree » Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:37 am

Hi, this may be the wrong forum to post in.
I'm only trying to use devkitpro in order to compile extdata_dump so that I can change its config.txt so I can install a modified CFL_DB.dat. I have installed devkitpro as well as gnu make in order to do this. when running make in the folder containing everything I want to compile, it returns many errors that mostly mention how extdata_dump is doing things that don't match what devkitpro says. For instance, one error says

Code: Select all

C:/Users/OWNER/Downloads/extdatadump/extdata_dump-src/extdata_dump-master/source/archive.c:366:15: error: too many arguments to function 'FSUSER_OpenFile'
  366 |         ret = FSUSER_OpenFile(NULL, &filehandle, extdata_archive, FS_makePath(PATH_CHAR, path), 1, 0);
      |               ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
C:/devkitPro/libctru/include/3ds/services/fs.h:315:8: note: declared here
  315 | Result FSUSER_OpenFile(Handle* out, FS_Archive archive, FS_Path path, u32 openFlags, u32 attributes);
      |        ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Is there some way to get something to just like go through all of these and fix them, or is there some way to use a devkitpro from when extdata_dump was made, or am I completely misunderstanding the situation?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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