Bug report to devkitpro forum itself

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Bug report to devkitpro forum itself

Post by WohlstandFox » Fri May 19, 2023 5:30 pm


Since I registered here I met a bunch of issues:
- My email addresses that I used, gets been refused for no reason: I always get the "The email address you entered is not allowed to be used." error. I have totally no clue why they doesn't work. I also tried to use emails that I almost never use (at gmail and at hotmail): to gmail, I had never received a notification at all, even as spam, and there is only hotmail where I got the letter, and it... led into spam.
- Every time when post gets submitted for premoderation, instead of "Your post has been sent and will be published when it gets verified by staff", I get the stuck for 20 seconds and the "500 Internal Server Error"
- When I successfully filled the form to register, I get the same stuck as above, and the "500 Internal Server Error" error.

Are there any chances these issues will be eliminated soon?

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Re: Bug report to devkitpro forum itself

Post by WinterMute » Fri Sep 29, 2023 2:37 pm

We use a service called CleanTalk to try & keep the deluge of spam at bay. I can only assume this service has blocked your email/email provider so I would suggest taking it up with them.

We're not seeing 500 errors on the server & testing with dummy credentials isn't showing any of the issues you list here. It's difficult to know where to start attempting to find issues we can't replicate.

Hopefully the recent server move should help if it's something to do with resource usage on our end.
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