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Re: GetDeviceOpTab ?

Post by PypeBros » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:07 am

WinterMute wrote:I'm reluctant to link to or recommend piracy tools.
But on the other hand, that's industry recognition of your proposal to a "de-facto standard". It's important to state it if you want to gain further adoption by homebrew developers.

Imho, you could achieve it by having three kind of information per device : is ARGV supported by the firmware, is ARGV supported in a device-dedicated tool (which people may have installed for other reasons as well) and whether HBMENU is working on this hardware (likely to be Yes on all rows).
Simply having "native support", "support in a DL upgrade" or "no known support".
Now, that would assume the page is about ARGV while it is about HBMENU. It indeed makes less sense to mention alternatives to HBMENU in a page about HBMENU :-/
NDS is the neatest piece of hardware since the C=64! Thanks for making it programmable ^_^

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