Issue with msys2 (it is not doing anything)

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Issue with msys2 (it is not doing anything)

Post by Aenon » Fri Jan 05, 2024 2:45 pm


I'm desperatly trying to install devkitpro for a personal project, but I am always stuck at the same step; I launch msys2 and... nothing happens. It shows the following code;


I am new-ish to this stuff so the answer might be obvious but I did try whatever came to my mind; press enter, uninstall and install everything again, disable my firewall, turn my computer on and off again but it hasn't changed my issue. Any help would be appreciated! (Especially if you talk me through the issue like I'm 5, the more explained the better!)

I'm under Windows 10 and my computer has a 64 bits system. It was recently factory reset.

Have a good day!

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