Understanding the Use of -fno-rtti and -fno-exceptions Flags

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Understanding the Use of -fno-rtti and -fno-exceptions Flags

Post by HudsonBr » Thu Mar 21, 2024 8:28 pm


I'm currently working on a project using devkitA64 and I noticed that in the Makefile, the -fno-rtti and -fno-exceptions flags are being used in the CXXFLAGS. I understand that these flags disable Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) and exception handling in C++, respectively.

My project involves a game engine where I need to use typeid for component management in my ECS (Entity Component System). However, the -fno-rtti flag is preventing me from using typeid.

I wanted to understand why these flags are used by default in devkitA64. Is it for performance reasons, or are there other considerations? Also, what would be the potential implications if I were to remove these flags, specifically -fno-rtti, to allow the use of typeid in my project?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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