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Please note that if you ask for help in places not listed here you may end up getting very poor advice which may cause problems with the tools. Generally we advise against installing 3rd party tools and libraries and we especially advise against modifying your devkitPro provided installation without advice from devkitPro staff. People in other places have an unfortunate habit of seeking to fix the symptoms of a problem without first determining why the problem has occurred. devkitPro staff also like to understand why someone is seeking to do something before helping them do whatever it is they want to do rather than just blindly answering questions at face value. The XY problem tends to get exacerbated by other users "solving" the stated problem when the toolchain maintainers can quite often solve the actual problem since we're familiar with the symptoms of many obscure issues thanks to our long experience,


devkitPro forums - support and advice for the devkitPro toolchains.

IRC Channels

You can chat with other devkitPro toolchain users and developers on the Blitzed network using an IRC client like Hexchat. If you can't wait for a response then please ask in the forum.

#dsdev - programming the Nintendo DS and often GBA too.

#devkitPro - devkitPro staff can be found here.

Despite efforts made to get people over to a decent IRC network with modern services many people are too stubborn to move away from efnet.

#3dsdev - programming the Nintendo 3ds

#wiidev - programming the Nintendo Wii and often gamecube too

#switchdev - programming the Nintendo Switch

Stats for the dev channels

Social Media

Twitter: devkitPro WinterMute fincs mtheall